Welcome to the Bagger-Sørensen group

A family-owned holding and investment company

Bagger-Sørensen & Co. A/S is the holding and investment company of the Bagger-Sørensen family, represented and owned by the fourth generation, Steen and Claus Bagger-Sørensen.

The first company was founded back in 1915 on confectionery production. In 1927 the first chewing gum products were launched. Exports, managed from the HQ in Vejle, Denmark, started during the 50’s and soon became a success worldwide. The chewing gum activities have included branded products like Dandy, STIMOROL and V6.  Since 2002 the development and manufacturing within Gumlink A/S has been focused on of B2B chewing gum for European supermarkets chains. Today, the development and manufacturing of all confectionery products takes place in a joint venture with the Yildiz group in Turkey.

In Denmark, the production facilities at Dandyvej in Vejle are used for production in Fertin Pharma A/S. Fertins focus is on medicated chewing gum - especially NRT/nicotine gum - for the B2B market. Beginning of 2017 Fertin Pharma A/S was sold to EQT Mid Market but Bagger-Sørensen & Co. A/S kept 30 % of the shares. In 2021 EQT and Bagger-Sørensen & Co. A/S sold Fertin Pharma A/S to Philip Morris and hereby the Bagger-Sørensen family left the gum business in Vejle for good. 

For almost two decades the Bagger-Sørensen family has also had an investment profile though the two companies: BS Invest (real estate) and Vecata Invest (investments in the venture segment with no specific industrial focus, but so far, the company has primarily invested in life science, IT and technology). In 2022 Vecata Invest A/S became part of Bagger-Sørensen & Co. A/S. 

In 2020 the Bagger-Sørensen family established Bagger-Sørensen Equity A/S in order to invest in SMEs with growth potential.