The Bagger-Sørensen Group

After having sold the chewing gum brands in 2002 and 70 % of Fertin Pharma A/S in 2017, Bagger-Sørensen & Co. A/S is now the investment company and “family office” of the owner families.

Bagger-Sørensen & Co. A/S’ assets are invested in long-term listed securities, private equity, infrastructure funds etc..Bagger-Sørensen Invest A/S invests directly in property development and through Vecata Invest A/S direct investments in other business enterprises take place. Bagger-Sørensen Equity A/S invests in SMEs with growth potential. 

Bagger-Sørensen & Co. A/S

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Bagger-Sørensen Invest A/S

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