Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of (from left to right): Erik G. Hansen, vice chairman, Claus Bagger-Sørensen, Steen Bagger-Sørensen, chairman here together with Hans-Henrik Eriksen, CEO.

Chairman of the Board

Steen Bagger-Sørensen 

  • Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing
  • Board member: the Bagger-Sørensen Foundation, BS&Co. A/S (chairman), GCC A/S, Bagger-Sørensen Invest A/S, Vecata Invest A/S and Arcedi Biotech ApS.
  • External board positions: Silkisif A/S and Assens Tobaksfabrik A/S

Vice chairman

Erik G. Hansen 

  • Master of Science in Finance and Accounting - CEO and owner of Hansen Advisers ApS,
    Tresor Asset Advisers ApS and Rigas Invest ApS
  • Board member: Bagger-Sørensen Fonden, BS&Co. A/S, BS Invest A/S and Vecata Invest A/S
  • External board positions: Bavarian Nordic A/S, Ecco Sko A/S, Lauritzen Fonden (vice chairman), TTiT A/S and Wide Invest ApS. Chairman of Polaris Management A/S and Saga Private Equity ApS. 

Board member

Claus Bagger-Sørensen 

  • Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration
  • Board member: the Bagger-Sørensen Foundation (chairman), BS&Co. A/S, Bagger-Sørensen Invest A/S, Vecata Invest A/S (chairman), Fertin Pharma A/S and Arcedi Biotech ApS.